segunda-feira, 13 de agosto de 2007

The Kucinich Plan For Iraq

Na Wikipedia, a propósito de Kucinich, que, pelo que disseram os inquéritos (e só eles), é o meu candidato nos EUA:
On 8 January, 2007 Dennis Kucinich unveiled his comprehensive exit plan to bring the troops home and stabilize Iraq.
His plan includes the following steps:
1- Announce that the US will end the occupation, close the military bases, and withdraw.
2- Announce that existing funds will be used to bring the troops and the necessary equipment home.
3- Order a simultaneous return of all U.S. contractors to the United States and turn over the contracting work to the Iraqi government
4- Convene a regional conference for the purpose of developing a security and stabilization force for Iraq.
5- Prepare an international security peacekeeping force to move in, replacing U.S. troops, who then return home.
6- Develop and fund a process of national reconciliation.
7- Restart programs for reconstruction and creating jobs for the Iraqi people.
8- Provide reparations for the damage that has been done to the lives of Iraqis.
9- Assure the political sovereignty of Iraq and insure that their oil isn't stolen.
10- Repair the Iraqi economy.
11- Guarantee economic sovereignty for Iraq
12- Commence an international truth and reconciliation process, which establishes a policy of truth and reconciliation between the people of the United States and Iraq.

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